Student Advocates

MVP Student Advocates

MVP student advocates are a team of energetic and enthusiastic students from across the country. They are passionate about helping their fellow classmates access incredible break work, externship, and career opportunities designed to find THE clinical mentor and THE hospital dedicated to guiding top students to achieve their professional and personal goals.

Check out all the fun you'll have as a student advocate!

How you'll make an impact:
  • Organize unique and fun campus engagement events (tailgates, axe throwing, bowling, you name it: we’re in!). Bring your friends and the MVP events team takes care of the logistics!
  • Register MVP for job fairs, posts on school social media, job boards and notifies student body on opportunities with MVP.
  • Encourage fellow students to experience the MVP way with break work, externships, and jobs upon graduation.
  • Assist MVP with marketing efforts on social media site (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) on a monthly basis.
  • Act as a liaison between MVP, veterinary students, clubs, professors and university leaders
What's in it for you?
  • MVP offers competitive compensation.
  • Become a part of the MVP community of veterinary professionals and make connections on-the-job through Externships, Internships and Break Work.
  • Externship program designed around you.
  • Exclusive access to a tailored mentorship program through MVP
  • Exclusive access to all job opportunities in network upon graduation to include loyalty bonus.
Who can apply?
  • 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year veterinarian students.
  • Students currently enrolled and who are actively engaged in the student community and with the student clubs.
  • Currently not employed by another veterinary group as a student representative.


Hear what our past student advocates have to say about what makes MVP different…
VanCampen_Carson 2

I’ve worked with MVP as a veterinary assistant in the past and had a great experience. I wanted to continue to work with MVP while in veterinary school and this experience has only exceeded my expectations. I have learned so much about MVP and I want to hype up MVP and help fellow colleagues learn about all the positive opportunities that MVP has.

Carson VanCampen
University of Florida, Class of 2025

During my time as a student advocate for MVP, I've been able to connect numerous students with MVP’s extern director, Dr. Barbara Craig. One of the many things that make MVP different is its externship program. Their goal is to match you to a location and specialty in which you are most interested. I've seen this firsthand through my own personal externships and it's amazing to see others accomplish their goals as well.

Ashley Sembach
University of Arizona, Class of 2024
Sembach_Ashley 1