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As a veterinarian with MVP, you get to choose the path you want, and we have you covered every step of the way with our people-focused culture!

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You define your happiness, and we help you get there!

Associate Veterinarian


Practice Ownership


Medical Lead/Director


Alternative (Non-Clinical) Career Path – Recruiting, Acquisitions, Integrations, Regional Directors, etc.


Clinical Mentor

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Our practices are located across the country with a diverse and unique focus ensuring we are pairing you with the best match!
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Resources Readily Available

You are surrounded by a culture that is people-focused which allows you to be your best, authentic self while achieving your goals. Dive deeper into the profession you love and enjoy.

Paid Time Off

PTO is an important part of finding work/life synergy. At MVP, we take this seriously and want you to know much we truly care. We encourage our team members to take time when they need it!

Our Commitment to Your Wellbeing

The wellbeing of our people is at the heart of everything we do. We want every veterinarian to feel safe, supported, and empowered in all aspects of life. MVP is committed to developing resources to assist team members with their physical, emotional, mental, and financial health.

Join the Power of the Network

Through MyPath you will find the building blocks to curate your own experience. Get to know yourself, have a meaningful conversation, understand career opportunities, and connect with others across the network. We want you to have a community along with your career, opportunities to network, and to collaborate with veterinarians across the country.

Continued Education

Here at MVP, we understand that CE is critical for every veterinary professional looking to stay at the forefront. New techniques, research, and trends emerge constantly which is why we invest a generous amount of dollars and paid training time.

Clinical Mentor Certification Program

Our mentoring program is tailored to the individual employee to give them the right tools, the right resources, at the right practice. Mentorship brings together leaders and future leaders and as a mentor, you will be able to provide expertise, guidance, and feedback from an experienced vantage point while being strategically aligned with your mentee.

MVP Leadership Development
(MVP Leads)

Looking for ways to build your skill set as a leader? Whether personal leadership development or leadership within a hospital, MVP has the tools and resources to help you achieve your goals.

Hear from Our Team

Hear what our team members have to say about what makes MVP different…
quote_michelle arkens

“The investment in the equipment and staffing alone has helped us grow, practice better quality medicine—just made our lives a lot easier. They invest in our staff; they invest in our equipment. It’s fun!”

Michelle Arkens

"I have always wanted to do orthopedic surgery and this year I had the privilege of utilizing the power of the MVP network to make that goal a reality as I brought TTA’s to my hospital for the first time. With the MVP network, I was able to connect and collaborate with doctors outside of my own hospital from Chicago to Tennessee. Multiple doctors took the time to evaluate cases with me, ensure my planning was appropriate, and even came to scrub in with me for my first couple cases on live patients. I could not be more excited to offer this new procedure to my patients and it wouldn’t be possible without the growth mindset that MVP encourages. I am proud to be a part of a group actively working to better the lives of the individuals within this industry."

Bailey Nelson
Nelson_Bailey Headshot