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Our Mission is to be the employer of choice in veterinary medicine.

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Hear from Our Team.


“MVP sounded more honest about what I wanted for my practice and for my team than other corporate groups. I had been at my practice for 43 years, so I really wanted to make sure my team was taken care of. I wanted a partner who was definite about their ability and interest in keeping teams together. I know I made the right decision selling to MVP.”

- Dr. Mesack, DVM, 2019 MVMA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

“I can do what I love. I can still see patients, I can still interact with the clients and the staff, but I have support. I have HR support; I have payroll support; I have people that take the things that I don't want to do, and I can just do the things I enjoy.”

- Ian Wright, DVM

“The investment in the equipment and staffing alone has helped us grow, practice better quality medicine—just made our lives a lot easier. They invest in our staff; they invest in our equipment. It’s fun!”

- Michelle Arkens, DVM

“When I was considering selling, my utmost concern was my staff. Obviously they were very anxious at the idea of selling, and I understood their anxiety. But everything we’ve asked for from MVP has been provided, so we’re extremely happy with the way things have progressed.”

- Don Sheets, DVM

“We have great benefits now: paid vacation, 401k, healthcare. We have all these other things that we didn’t have before joining MVP. Also, we got a new monitoring system and all these other bells and whistles for our clinic that we’ve always wanted. We love it!”

- Kara Chambers, Practice Manager

“As a seller considering my options, I was very impressed with the investment opportunity. Prior to selling my hospitals, they were growing, at the time between 5 and 10 percent per year. With MVP, my equity and investment have the opportunity to grow 2, 5, or 10 times over the coming years.”

- Matt Heller, DVM

“Being a new grad, coming right out of clinics and right into practice ... there's a lot of scary components to that. But after having multiple interviews at multiple practices, MVP really set themselves apart for me, because they had a multitude of opportunities.”

- AJ Seamon, DVM