Who We Are

We’re on a mission to be the employer of choice in veterinary medicine.

Our Mission

Founded in 2017, MVP is a veterinary services organization providing care for millions of pets across the country. While it’s important to know what we are, it’s more important to know what drives us, our mission: to be the employer of choice in veterinary medicine. We are here to address the systemic challenges in veterinary medicine for our team members and become a catalyst for change in the greater profession. From non-competitive wages, to crushing student loan debt, compassion fatigue, and increasing demand of veterinary staff, the veterinary community is facing difficult challenges daily. We believe there is a better way and that is our reason for being.

Our vehicles for change include a wellness department focused exclusively on team member wellbeing, professional and leadership development programs, profit sharing programs, investment opportunities, and best-in-class compensation and benefits. We put people before profits to take the very best care of our veterinary teams so they can take the best care of their clients and patients.

Hear from our CEO, Michael Aubrey, about our mission and philosophy:

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Our Core Values

It starts with our values. The non-negotiables.
The reason we get up in the morning. Our why.
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Do the right thing

Especially when no one is watching.

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Together, Everyone, Achieves, More.

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Do what you say and say what you do.

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Continuous Improvement

Yard by yard, it's hard. But inch by inch, it's a cinch. We will fight for inches.

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Timely, reliable and with a smile! Every interaction matters!

Hear about the dream fund and the importance of being happy at work from our VP of Wellness, Karlene Belyea.


Where we are

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