At MVP we offer a customized career path for those who have a passion for animal health and are looking for a career and not a job. You can start as a Kennel Assistant and work your way to a Practice Manager with our internal Performance Management System.
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The members of our reception teams are the first faces seen by our clients when entering our clinics. They are responsible for facilitating client communications, reviewing and maintaining medical records, estimates, discharge summaries, and delivering an excellent customer experience. 

The members of our grooming team help keep our animals looking their best! They are responsible for educating owners on home grooming techniques and following grooming requests including bathing, brushing, shaving/scissoring, nail trimming, and more. 

Our dedicated kennel team members provide the daily care, feeding, and exercise of boarding and hospitalized animals. Our kennel positions are a perfect steppingstone for those looking to follow a career path in veterinary medicine!

Our practice manager is someone who thrives in managing a fast-paced team environment and wants to better the lives of animals and their owners. They are responsible for ensuring high standards of customer service are delivered to clients, helping establish clinic protocols, inventory management, developing and maintaining practice finances and performance, leading our team with training and development, creating staff schedules, regulatory and safety compliance, and facility maintenance. 

Veterinary Assistants are essential to the medical team by using their animal handling skills to aid our technicians and doctors with anything a patient may need. They are responsible for handling and restraint of patients, assisting in exam rooms, educating clients on various health topics, and maintaining a clean and organized hospital environment for the medical team and our patients. Some positions may receive advanced on-the-job training in anesthesia, medications, and surgery assistance. 

If you are interested in going to vet tech school, then this is a great way to get experience  and learn more in the field!

Veterinary technicians are essential to the veterinary team by using education and medical training to aid doctors with anything a patient may need.They are responsible for everything from handling and restraint of patients to performing anesthesia in surgery. Some positions may receive advanced on-the-job training in anesthesia, cardiology, pharmacology, dermatology, emergency care and critical care, internal medicine, neurology, nutrition, oncology, ophthalmology, surgery, and transfusion medicine. 

If you are interested in completing a veterinary technician program, then this is a great way to get experience and learn more in the field!

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Hear what our team members have to say about what makes MVP different…
Paige Roth with Papillon

"During my break work, I practiced all aspects of routine veterinary care, advanced medicine cases, urgent care, and surgery. I loved gaining exposure to several laparoscopic procedures and to a variety of exotic cases as well!"

Paige Roth
Texas A&M University
Clinic: Vida Veterinary Care