Dan P

Dan Phillips, DVM

Director of University Engagement

Dr. Dan Phillips is a 2011 graduate from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation he completed a rotating small animal internship at Tufts prior to moving to the Chicago area where he has been ever since.

In the fall of 2016, Dr. Dan met two mentors that forever changed that course of his life and career: Drs. Dan Markwalder and Adam Conroy. Drs. Markwalder and Conroy were the first true mentors to not only ask about his professional goals but demonstrate a supportive path to help him get there. With their guidance and support Dr. Phillips worked as the medical director for Barrington Square Animal Hospital in Hoffman Estates, Il for 5 years.

During that time, he found his true passion for mentorship and training of new graduate veterinarians. In the fall of 2020, Dr. Phillips joined MVP as the Director of University Engagement. He now focuses exclusively on aligning top veterinary students with hospitals and clinical mentors that can help new graduate veterinarians achieve and surpass their goals.