Cale Werder

Cale Werder

Chief Growth Officer

As the Chief Growth Officer for Mission Veterinary Partners, Cale is responsible for leading mergers and acquisitions strategy and valuation, organic growth strategies, and operational & financial analysis.  Cale has also served MVP as Chief Strategy Officer, guiding corporate strategy, capital allocation, and business intelligence initiatives. Cale comes to MVP with extensive experience leading data and technology-based business solutions, and a broad background across operations, analytics, finance, sales & marketing.

Prior to joining MVP in 2018, Cale previously served as Vice President of Marketing for a global leader in golf manufacturing.  Prior to that, he was Director of Sales and Marketing for a Detroit-based manufacturer within the Dan Gilbert portfolio of companies. He formerly spent eight years with New Balance and its subsidiaries in various roles leading sales, marketing, and operations strategies, planning, & analysis.

Cale is a Michigan native and currently lives outside of Chicago with his wife, three daughters, and their chocolate lab pit mix, Eddie.