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MVP "On The Fly"

MVP "On The Fly" is a veterinary targeted podcast series designed to deliver clinically relevant content to the practicing veterinarian. The content would be applicable to veterinarians at all stages of their career.

MVP "On The Fly"


Episode 7

Tune in to hear Dr. Brian Hamm and Dr. Rob Swinger discuss common cat diseases in Episode 7 of "MVP on the Fly"!

Episode 6

Join Dr. Hamm and Dr. Swinger as they discuss corneal diseases. In this episode they focus on ulcers in a patient’s eye, the varying severity of such diseases, and the best forms of treatment. Tune in to hear more!

Episode 5

Tune in to Dr. Rob Swinger and Dr. Brian Hamm discussing glaucoma. How do we diagnose and treat this disease which has so many different causes? Furthermore, how do we prevent further damage and distinguish between primary and secondary glaucoma? Press play to hear more on this fifth episode of MVP on the Fly!

Episode 4

Dr. Stephanie Pierce and Dr. Hamm sit down today to discuss Cushing's Disease, a common hormonal disease amongst older dogs.

Episode 3

Diabetes is a common disease found amongst pets. Tune in to hear Drs. Stephanie Pierce and Dr. Hamm discuss ways to diagnose and treat this disease amongst both dogs and cats.

Episode 2

Drs. Brian Hamm and Stephanie Pierce take time to discuss a common disease amongst animal clients. Tune in to hear these veterinarians discuss what Addison's Disease is, how to diagnose it, and treatment solutions.

Episode 1

Drs. Brian Hamm and Stephanie Pierce sit down and discuss their experience with hypothyroidism and tips to help vets and vet students identify and treat it.

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